Packaging Regulations

Packaging design of the relevant rules and regulations 1, product inspection certificate; 2, marked in Chinese product name, company name and address. Sales of imported products in the domestic market, there must be a Chinese flag; 3, according to the characteristics and uses of the product requirements, specifications, grades to be labelled, with the name of main components and ... related laws and regulations
packaging design/>1, product inspection certificate; 
2, marked in Chinese product name, company name and address. Imports products in domestic market sales, must has Chinese logo; 
3, and according to products of features and using requirements, needed marked products of specifications, and grade, by containing main components of name and content should be marked; 
4, and deadline using of products, should showed that production date or failure period, packaging food must marked production date, and shelf life or shelf life; 
5, and for easy caused products itself damaged or may endanger personal, and Property security of products to has warning logo or Chinese warning description; 
6, and has was business sector approved registered of trademark, its logo for r (Register) or "Note"; 
7, and has was patent sector grant patent of, can in products Shang indicate; 
8, and production enterprise should in (products or its description) packaging Shang indicate by implementation standard of code, and number, and name; 
9, and Has made the relevant quality certification of products, using the appropriate safety or certification mark on the packaging.  
    is also worth mentioning the bar code on the package. It marked the national name, manufacturer, product name, and all the product information, known as the product of "id". Now, the State Bureau of technical supervision clearly stipulates that all goods entering the market are subject to the bar code. Above is the packaging design of the relevant regulations.
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