How to identify points of percentage

Do print design have to pay attention and mastery: how to identify the percentage of outlets?
network is the realization of printed matter to reflect the publication levels, levels of shade (shade) demarcation of natural units. It decided in the printing printing color, the level and shape of the image. Therefore, the sedan only dot size accurately can be faithful to the original color, ensure printing process achieve better results.
due to the layout of printed shade level performance by network size, size, different outlets, technology commonly known as "Cheng". Only on the basis of understanding of the concept of dot percentage, in order to better use dot print closest to the original color prints. Therefore, awareness network is, print operators and quality control personnel should have knowledge of. Identify the percentage of outlets there are two methods:
is a density meter network integration density and then converted into percentage dot area, such as: the integral of the dot density of 0. 3, is dot area for 50%, this method compared science, and accurate;
another a method is with magnifying glass Visual dot area and blank area of proportion, this method compared intuitive, and convenient, but for by experience, errors larger, specific for:
identification 50% within dot of percentage, is according to on side two black Zhijian of gap can accommodate equal black dot of Star number to identified of. On the side of the black dot in the gap between two
, placing three equal sized black dot, is the 10% of the NET;
, in the distance between the two points, can accommodate two equally large outlets, called 20% dot;
If the two locations can be placed between 1. 5 tablets of the same size dot, dot called 30%;
in two outlets can accommodate between 1. Network of 25 tablets of the same size, it is called 40% dot;
If in between two big network can accommodate 1 size dot of the same size, that is black and white dots per unit of area equal, that is 50% dot
more than 50% points of identification, is based on the edge can accommodate between two white dots white spots of the same size to measure. From the network arrangement, capacity number of outlets in the space between two white dots, 60% same as 40%; 70% and 30% the same 80% and 20% the same 90% same as 10%.
the above shows that the so-called net percentage is the percentage of units in the area. 10% dot 10%, 20% 20%, other analogies, 100% for field layout. Rough analysis of the flow from positive outlets, black than white, is more than 50% dot; black than white, 50% for the following locations. Points percentage, the more ink print layout, but shallow. Dot size, determines the layout changes. On the screen usually involves three tone levels, that is, composed of high level to 10%-30% dot, making bright areas on the screen. Adjust levels screen transitions of light and shade in the middle part, usually composed of 40%-60% dot. 70%-90% network formed by the thick dark picture to low levels. The brightest place on the printed page, that highlights for 10% the following outlets.
above, only understand the percentage of outlets, in order to better use of the network change, out of line with the original plates, printed in color accuracy, satisfaction with the quality of printing products, which is the goal of quality management.
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