Multi-color printing misregister reason analysis and elimination

, Printed version of the effects of deformation on the printing
1. Printed stretch metal plates have a certain extension, pulled from under tensile deformation and tensile deformation of zinc is more obvious. Under normal circumstances, we found when printing misregister, mostly through extension plates to adjust. When the page is external force when stretched, print firmly affixed to the surface of the drum shell, meanwhile, will inevitably produce tensile deformation. Pull larger suites stretch more and uneven distribution of tension, in its mouth and dragged under the biggest force, tensile deformation, force small, deformation is small. Therefore, through Edition does not necessarily solve the printing problem accurately.
2. Ways of reducing plate printing errors caused when the plate is installed, do not force too much, is subject to tightened. Print shift, should loosen up that corresponds to the force, that is, loosen screw, make the back of the Print Edition and to minimize the friction of roller surface asked, when printed in tension, it will yield and tensile deformation to a minimum value of the print edition. Secondly, rule lines when you print on side. Multiple colour printing process, before the first color printing remove plates, will rule on the position of the drum body make good mark, when after installing the second color of the plates, then the alignment of the first rules of color line. This will not only improve the speed of version, can also reduce the number of version, can be avoided in a normal tensile deformation. Because the color to find the rules allowed, you will need to pull, pull more and more likely to create tension. Therefore, the version with as little as possible in order to solve misregister.
3. Plate thickness and size change offset graphics graphics is to replicate the surface of the metal plate. When you print tensioned roller, metal plate is bent, parts are compressed inside, outside part is stretched, graphics extension. So the thicker the metal plate, drawing greater elongation. In printing, should try to use the same manufacturer, same type or boxed printed version.
Second, the impact of changes in drum pad printing in the printing process, misregister, due to the expansion of the paper and drum pad use increase or decrease the thickness of the methodology to address span misregister fault. Gasket thickness increases or decreases should not be too large, large amount of increase or decrease could have drawbacks.
1. Printing plate padded plate gaskets increases or decreases more or less affect the tensile deformation of plates. Plate gasket is thicker, larger graphic size extension.
2. Rubber drum pad changes when reducing plate gaskets, rubber drum pad increases, due to blanket crowd stretching deformation increases graphics radial deformation increases. Another is to reduce the thickness of the rubber drum, while increasing the thickness of plate gaskets, rubber squeeze stretch deformation is reduced, usually the latter.
c, blanket elongation effects on graphics printing blanket has flexible, blanket stretched tighter in the roller, elongation of smaller graphic changes is small.
1. Choose little elongation of the blanket. Installation should pay attention to blanket the vertical and horizontal direction, vertical should be perpendicular to the roller's axis to reduce the elongation.
2. In the process of printing, frayed rubber city remained unchanged as far as possible.
3. If trace width misregister, should be appropriate to adjust the blanket loose, not solutions.
4. Blanket cutting, drilling, screws at the end of tightening, torn rubber layout, spacer part formation would give rise to locally compact loose, local misregister. In short, misregister in addition to machinery, regulation and paper issues, should also pay attention to these misregister of small change. For misregister of is usually at the moment of high printing, is formed by the accumulation of traces of change, it is difficult to observe directly. So our full attention as long as printing, analysed the bedroom to take the most appropriate measures, to avoid or reduce the appearance of error.
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