Summary: the three manifestations of packaging design

Packaging problems involves three dimensions, usually on the design performance is still not removed, colors as well as graphics and other three key. Following are three to make a brief introduction:
⑴ text expression is recorded, and basic symbols for emotions, communication of ideas between people, it is the most direct and effective elements of Visual communication, through a large number of print, will be to spread that message. Is product marketing and packaging, the most direct and most massive of promotion channels, so the relevance of text used in the packaging design, has become a package can achieve promotion a key task.
the text itself is through long-term evolution of Polish, which itself has a pictograph beauty, artistic atmosphere, package design can make good use of the text, just through words and layout, font and change of use, and can be made of a great design. And because the text can be said to be an indispensable element of every piece of packaging, packaging designers must have individual cognition, that is to do the packing, must first navigate the text.
If you want to control the text, designers may want to know about various font features, so to figure out the characteristics of the goods, select the appropriate font. In addition to the existing font character must have in-depth knowledge of things, designers can also be based on product characteristics, create a new form of fonts in order to attract the attention of customers, achieve sales objectives.
color color can directly stimulate the people's vision may make people's emotions change, indirectly affect the people's judgment, as a result, color became one of the key factors affecting the success of packaging design.
a good packaging must have good vision, able to capture the attention of consumers, so whether at the supermarket or advertising, print, is going to be a good salesman. So for packaging designers, how to apply the characteristics of color to shape the Visual communication of product packaging and change the mood, has become a research focus color problems.
first, the designers have a wealth of knowledge of chromatics, understanding the basic elements of color, color symbolism, legibility, suggestive, identification, a variety of color gives the feeling, the Visual effect of the color itself ... For a while. Basic knowledge of color package design can be, will be able to design a best visual effects package.
pattern on the packaging, the most common pattern of expression is [image graphics] and [Abstract] expression. Packaging maximum of purpose will will was packaging of content real (commodity) marketing out, so basically to let consumers know by buy what, at as only through text, and color to performance, seems to slightly owes real sense, so regular to realistic of, and painting of, and feelings of performance method will products advantages specific of description, and to performance its real sense, with as graphics of performance way, usually will to photography or illustration of skills to performance.
in [Abstract] performances, it is through strong visual impression of a calm, rational, and giving consumers a strong impression, in colorful packaging and the product itself, show the unique style. What type of pattern and the performance on the commodity itself consumer demands, as well as the location and characteristics of the product itself to make a selection.
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