Introduce various security paper

I. decals
is relief, perspective, paper of touchable images, bar codes, etc. Banknotes with a watermark anti-forgery technology. Watermarks cannot use photocopying machines, scanners, and therefore security has little effect on attention. Today Watermarking applications was extended to financial instruments, documents and even books. Watermark is in the process of making, and use of technology will be required to identify, design, and paper, such as installation designed the watermark graphic screen printing or printing cylinder pressed into. Due to the different graphics and text, make the pulp to form the corresponding density of different thickness, paper pulp density due to graphics and text, its light transmission are different, it is translucent when viewed, show the original design of graphics and text. Fixed
watermark watermark and not fixed, semi-fixed watermark watermark of three. Fixed watermark printing process difficult, must be fixed on the banknotes, passports, documents, such as position, usually visible with the naked eye and printing graphics and text matching or other security measures, such as 100 Yuan in Mao Zedong fixed watermark watermarks window position. Fixed the distance between each set of watermark, watermark location are fixed, on paper, were arranged in a row in each group, also known as a watermark in a row, it is used with special paper. Not fixed watermark in the paper or face the full version, so it is also called full watermark, such as China's third to fourth set of five Yuan or two Yuan one Yuan is full of ancient coins and watermarked paper, but the new five-Yuan has been fixed with a Daffodil pattern paper to print.
1, and security watermark paper from original of long network paper development to now height security of long network paper, features including:
2, and can get up to 15 a gray level, so has more level; Blackwater printing district of thickness can reached 40 μ, than average thickness 15~20 μ of paper more thick, so has better compared degrees; and the has better of details and the watermark clarity.
3, can not get fourdrinier with additional security measures, such as security.
4, long cotton joined the life of wood pulp paper. In the cylinder paper machine, formed through the surface fibers accumulate in watermark watermark, watermark and paper at the same time form, which means that the watermark can be filled to the peaks and valleys of the Rotary die, to form a very clear watermark.
with the development of science and technology, today launched with electronic watermark paper. According to the United Kingdom, the times reported on May 3, 99, known as "micro-bus" system, using chaos theory to information coded entry files in the background. The "millionth" invisible to the naked eye, but can be read by scanners, AA their password. Only the original printing plates can be printed, none of the precision printing equipment can copy or print out some blurred images. According to the research company said, from a mathematical perspective to decipher the "millionth" numbering system, it is almost impossible.
II. safety line security paper
refers to the paper during a gold wire or plastic wire placed onto the paper. First is a special wire, now use polyester plastic bars, miniature letters security lines, fluorescent security thread, and so on. Line shapes: straight, wavy, Zig-Zag, etc. According to the information that new bills buried wire not only in paper and online miniature a Loupe to see only text. Recently introduced heat-sensitive safety line, pink at room temperature, not transparent, when the finger to the local heating as long as reached 37 degrees Celsius, local shows miniature printed text. There is also a line-laser holographic security thread arising from different viewing angles and color change.
in the paper into the security line, the line width can be as little as 1mm, if at the same time in the security line, line spacing may be as small as 4mm. Printable user need patterns and text on the line, according to the different requirements of anti-counterfeiting, printed on cards and text can be made into a pierced or non-pierced.
of banknote printing security is focus of States: the United Kingdom by windowed transmission line, France developed-plated aluminum cross, Finland fluorescent security thread is used, and so on. Biochemical tamper is a major breakthrough in anti-counterfeiting technology development, foreign research institutions recently developed, mainly in the self-adhesive label printing marks, to achieve security goals. Digital distortion anti-counterfeiting technology has also been applied in foreign countries, this technology is suitable for anyone in need of Arabic numerals printed deformation by computer, without any rules to follow, recognition by computer.
III. laser anti-counterfeit paper
laser anti-counterfeiting technology and paper made from a combination of security paper. As using holographic security technology and dedicated equipment, will holographic figure as making in notes of specific location, improve security performance, its features following:
1, and due to is put holographic pattern directly making in paper Shang, removed has plastic information layer, so rarely has was copy of may;
2, and paper Shang of pattern can according to businesses requirements design, and sedan, and production out businesses need of different texture, and grams number paper (70~400 grams), as coated paper, and paper jam, and cardboard, and also can like general paper as, For offset printing, silk screening, etc;
3, the price is only slightly more expensive than ordinary composite paperboard, equivalent to the price of holographic security label is one, and save the labor costs of labeling, so easy to be accepted by merchants;
4, abandoned after weathering through the Earth, does not pollute the environment.
laser anti-counterfeiting paper in certain cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics, food, packaging and printing function. For example: aluminum foil composite plant of shengli recently produced a film-free holographic dark security printing paper. Its prepress, printing full-page anti-counterfeiting, sheet of paper design, to produce a Special Edition or Standard Edition Laser security image, width up to 800 mm and so on. Pattern design by implied, even if you use multiple ink coverage, you can still see light refraction effect is good, does not affect the design and print topic.
SI. red and blue fiber, color point encryption paper
paper, such as red and blue colored fibers or small colored pieces (points) mixed into the paper pulp or paper not frozen until the surface of the paper, fluorescent under ultraviolet reflection, making paper with colored fibers different from the paper itself. Mixed into the pulp of red and blue fiber wire and colored with colored fibers and colorless fluorescent fibres in two ways. The former with the naked eye can see paper, and color of the latter must appear under UV irradiation and its colors are red, blue, Orange, and morphology can be rough but can be long or short. Fibre and colour points are generally distributed randomly, so its density block showing how many different. Apart from the plant fiber, and in recent years also have foil, plastic round pieces mixed into the paper pulp in the security. Italy issued paper money clip in a metal foil that are not visible to the naked eye, with a special voice recognizer checks be issued. In addition, the United Kingdom using a special into a small piece of fiber, then use a specific light source radiation from a specific perspective, getting a stereo projection, and stored in a computer, through inspection after the projection the authenticity of this tag.
v. anti-copying paper
is total absorption type copy paper, outside the blue and Red Brown, graphics and text on paper only through light to see, its copy of the darkness. But such inconveniences in everyday use. Another of the paper is coated with a thin layer of aluminum protective coating (without prejudice), and aluminum cover makes photocopiers scatter light or deflection, the photocopy is a black. After some anti-copying paper copy, come to "copy" and "invalid", the words ", which can effectively prevent the color copy important files. In addition, there are photocopiers that copy-proof paper meets the light will change color or show hidden text, such as Fraser Labels companies develop one color copy of the material, when the trademark sample colour photocopiers copies or use the scanner scan, will clearly be ''VOID'' words, logo printed in black and white and color.
VI. paper
with trace additives using the principles of biological with antibody specific reactions, anti-Yuan a minute amount of a part added to the pulp or paper. Testing with the corresponding specific antibodies bind, colors, fluorescent markers, such as reaction by none, the authenticity.
VII. chemical encryption
added to the pulp or the paper surface sizing of paper in the glue when adding special chemical compounds, this encryption on paper when specific reagents can be colour or fluorescence. Foreign a game ticket is printed in this paper toward you, as long as the reagent impregnated with a special pen, on the face of it, across the Department that is displayed is black.
VIII. Ionic medium special security paper
State under the heavy ion Accelerator, ion microporous technology integrated with paper technology of Super Ionic medium special security paper, solves long-standing effective forgery, identification of difficult problems.
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